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A traditional Japanese martial art promoting self defence, health and well-being. Classes are held every Tuesday evening in Kingsbury, Tamworth.


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We are pleased to announce our online presence has expanded to a nice new website. Please keep looking back here for our latest news and features. Don’t forget to visit the gallery.

The hall is back open see you Tuesday

The hall is back open see you Tuesday for a meeting and a one off slightly later time of 6:30pm


about us

Part of Seijitsu Aikido Ryu Panther Aikido was founded by Senior Instructor Ian Taylor 5th Dan. He began practicing Aikido back in 1994 under Sensei Geoff Hodges.When Sensei Hodges retired from teaching in 2000 Ian continued to study under Sensei Adam Hodgetts at Dragonite Aikido, before opening his own club.

Ian has been practising aikido for over 20 years. He reached Dan Grade in December 2002 and holds advanced weapons level one certificate and Coach Level 2 from the BAB after successfully completing the required courses and examination day. In June 2009 Ian achieved his 3rd Dan and has been teaching for the past 9 years.  He is a fully qualified instructor, registered with the British Aikido Board (BAB).

Panther Aikido focuses on a traditional style of the Japanese art mixed with a modern and practical approach.  It is a martial art which emphasises the use of the attackers force and strength against them and remains passive yet effective in its form.

We pride ourself on being able to offer a friendly, approachable and respectful martial arts club to both children and adults alike. The club is open to anybody willing to try and recognises all people are different; the training methods reflect this by offering tailored programmes to suit your needs and requirements.  The minimum age for children is 7 years old.

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